PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Simply put, it’s a form of search engine advertising that allows you to buy visits to your website.


The most popular PPC advertising system is Google Ads. When you put your ad on Google Ads, every time someone clicks your ad, it sends them to your website, and you pay the search engine a fee. Google Ads helps you get your business found by your target audience who search for specific terms related to your brand, products and content.


What are the advantages of using PPC?


It’s a quick and efficient way to make sure your message is getting in front of the right people at the right time.


Whether you’re looking to drive more traffic to your site or get more sign ups for your newsletter, PPC advertising is an effective and proven way to invest your ad budget. And better still, you only pay for results.


As the most popular search engine, Google gets huge amounts of traffic and therefore delivers the most impressions and clicks to your ads.


How do you create a successful PPC campaign?


You need to research and select the right keywords in your ads, then organize those keywords into well-organised campaigns and ad groups, and set up PPC landing pages that are optimized for conversions.


Choosing the right keywords can be pretty complicated if you’re not a pro, but the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool can help you research the longtail keywords your target audience are searching for, and use them to create your Google Ads campaigns.


What else can PPC ads do?   


They allow you to easily create compelling ads that deliver the messages and products/services your prospects are searching for. Not only that, with Google Ads for instance, you can easily set a budget and stay within it.


You can also measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, see how many people are clicking on your ads, and the number of sales you’ve made. What’s more, you can test and amend your ads at any time, or pause and re-start them as and when you like.


Right format, right audience, right budget.


PPC advertising works effectively in whatever format you choose, from text ads to image ads, mobile ads to video ads. With PPC you’re able to target your ads so they reach the people you’re aiming for. You’re even able to place your ads on websites related to your chosen topics.


With Google Ads, you can actually choose from a selection of pre-made ads, customise them to suit yourself, or build your own ads from scratch. Your bid amount is set automatically for you, ensuring your ad achieves the maximum number of clicks for the lowest cost.


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