WordPress is the world’s most popular platform for building a website, and it’s easy to see why. Accessible, incredibly flexible, secure with endless possibilities WordPress runs 40% of the world’s websites.


WordPress is easy to use.      

As the ultimate content management system (CMS), the user-friendly WordPress interface makes it easy to manage, modify, and publish content (images, text, videos, etc.) At the same time it’s so powerful and versatile that it can be used to build a complex bespoke website to fit your business needs perfectly.


WordPress is open source.

That means its software is free to download, install, use and modify to create any kind of website. As such the platform has a huge community of followers constantly working to improve its functionality. Though while the WordPress software itself is free, you need a domain name, theme and web hosting to install it.


WordPress has thousands of functional plugins.

Due to its popularity, WordPress has become the go-to platform developers to write their own add-ons, or plugins. Plugins are like apps for your WordPress site, and can be used to install add new features to a website. There are over 58,000 plugins available in the WordPress directory, so whether you want an online store via the WooCommerce addon or a private WordPress blog, the platform can expand your site’s overall functionality so it looks and performs exactly as you’d like.


WordPress is secure.

Despite having a bad rep in the past, the WordPress platform is audited regularly by hundreds of developers to overcome security vulnerabilities and ensure their security measures stay ahead of hacker tactics. With on-going website maintenance, your WordPress site can keep up-to-speed with the latest in design, functionality and security, ensuring it’s always online and open for business.


Why WordPress is our platform of choice.

At Harrison Carloss, we’ve used WordPress for years and have a portfolio of websites from the most simple, to those with complex integrations to ensure that the client has the website that they need to build and grow their business effectively. We use WordPress as the foundation and build a bespoke website on top including the design and functionality.


You can use templates for WordPress sites but it’s something that we avoid – templates tend to limit your site including restrictions on what changes you can make, implementing new functionality, tracking marketing activity and of course, the design is not unique. Your brand and business is unique so why would you not make your website unique?


We find WordPress sites are fit for purpose for most businesses, clients find it easy to make basic updates to their own websites without being tied in or the age-old agency model of charging clients for every little change – it’s something we like to avoid at Harrison Carloss! We like to equip clients with the knowledge and understanding to enable clients to manage their own content on their websites.


If you’re looking for a new website, a refresh or need some advice, get in touch with the team.

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