Direct mail? Are we serious? In the digital age! You’d better believe it. Digital may have all of the latest fancy bells and whistles, but direct mail has too many advantages to ignore. And in some significant ways, it beats digital hands down.


33% percent of people find direct mail the most effective way to remember a product. 79% of consumers are known to act on direct mail immediately. 73% of direct mail recipients can’t wait to get their hands on what’s in their mailbox. And direct mail can often be more cost-effective.


Direct mail gets your business directly into your customers’ home.


Your message lands right there in your customer’s mailbox, so it feels more personal. As if someone took the trouble to mail it, rather than shooting off a load of emails.


Direct mail also feels better. It has a tactile, tangible crispness that recipients just don’t get when they’re bombarded with emails or ads on social media. And they can read it whenever they want.


What else does print have that’s unique?  


Backed up by intelligent creative ideas, a piece of printed direct mail can create more positive feelings towards a brand, and achieve more brand recall than upstart digital trickery.


Studies show that millennials who spend more time with a physical piece of print in their hands have a stronger emotional response, so they’re more likely to remember it. It’s also well worth bearing in mind that if you’re aiming to reach an older audience, more than 40% of over 65s still don’t use the internet.


Printed mail is easier to read.


It’s not only an older audience who’d rather receive a mailer they can hold in their hand. Most people would prefer to get your marketing message that way. In one survey 81% of people said they’d rather read a piece of printed mail than a version on a screen.


Research shows that when you add a personalised message, your printed mailing will be remembered long after its momentary online counterpart has gone.


What’s more, people are more inclined to trust a piece of printed material than a message that sprang up on their screen unbidden.


Print and digital work well together.


The smart strategy is to use print and digital to complement each other. A first push with a clever printed mailshot whose message is subsequently repeated digitally and via social media can give your brand extra credibility That way you can reach potential customers both on- and offline.


One last thought: The internet is overflowing with marketing messages. Mailboxes aren’t.


Disorientated by direct mail?


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