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The Healthy House

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The Healthy House is an online store specialising in allergy and health related products. Their core range of products include air and water purifiers, bedding, cleaning products and more.

The business was established in 1991, and since then they have secured their place as experts in allergy care.


Healthy House had an established Google Ads account which simply wasn’t performing as it should. They had a healthy budget but failed to get the high-quality traffic they wanted on their site; conversion rate was low overall and they continued to receive traffic from unrelated search terms.

They had a variety of existing campaigns, including a traditional branded campaign, dynamic shopping ads and also remarketing campaigns.

The ad copy and targeted keywords hadn’t been reviewed in a substantial amount of time and, due to limitations with the site and other factors, they continued to spend money on promoting products that they no longer stocked via PPC. Following the launch of their brand new website, we then looked to revolutionise their PPC account to gain maximum sales.


We started with a mass review of the entire account, streamlining the account overall and making it easier to see where The Healthy House were wasting budget.

In addition, we addressed some of the outdated practices on the site, such as creating responsive display ads to run alongside existing image ads.

We moved budget away from branded campaigns which targeted keywords that The Healthy House ranked in pos.1 organically.

With the budget we freed up, we created test campaigns which specifically targeted ranges which The Heathy House wanted to promote as they currently had no search campaigns addressing these areas – only shopping ads.

Once the new website was live, we addressed the issues with the old Magento connection which meant a lot of old stock was being promoted. This ensured that only products currently available on the site was promoted.

As a result of the changes that we’ve made across the account we’ve managed to increase conversions whilst reducing cost per conversion, maximising the budget across PPC.


Impressions up


Conversions up


Cost per conversion down