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Stedek are one of the UK’s leading window and door manufacturers. Established in 1994, they have primarily served the Midlands, providing high quality products and services while building lasting partnerships with installers, builders and tradesmen.

Included within their range of products is the premium brands The Residence Collection and Solidor.


The Stedek website was relatively new but lacked visual impact. Overall, it was very practical and generally didn’t give off the impression that this was an aspirational product that they were manufacturing. The website used little to no lifestyle imagery and didn’t portray the true quality and craftmanship that goes into every Stedek product.

Though built with installers and tradesmen in mind, it was requests from new consumers which drove new business – therefore a dry and technical site design was ignoring the longevity of the business and the marketing of the product itself.

This trend also continued into their social media channels. They missed opportunities to frame their products as aspirational and something to transform the home.


As the website was relatively new and technically sound, we decided to focus on redesigning the homepage. We modernised the page to include an eye-catching banner to showcase impactful lifestyle shots. Throughout the homepage we used more imagery to help promote the end products in situ, rather than focusing on a fabricated door straight off the shop floor.

Now their website was visually more interesting it resulted in a more engaging experience to the end user. This theme was continued through their social media channels which also resulted in an increase in both engagement and followers, expanding their reach to potential new customers.


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