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Advanced Journey Chauffeuring

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Advanced Journey Chauffeuring provide the highest standard of service to their customers, ensuring that every trip is completed to the highest standards of courtesy, integrity and professionalism. Providing first class executive travel for a range of clients, AJC cater for anything – from corporate travel and airport runs, to high profile figures needing discreet and secure transportation. What makes Advanced Journey Chauffeuring different is the level of professionalism and expertise held by its drivers. Mainly formed by former Police Advanced Drivers and Armed Convoy Drivers, they have an extensive portfolio of operational experience, including Royal Visits.


There was a strong disconnect between the AJC branding and their offering; in no way did the brand reflect the premium offering of the business. The website was outdated and basic, with little in the way of functionality, and, to a new client, there was nothing which conveyed the higher standard that Advanced Journey Chauffeuring worked by. In addition, the MD of the business was experiencing increases in time spent on administration, quoting for journey requests and confirming availability. AJC requested that Harrison Carloss looked into potential ways to streamline the booking process and reduce the amount of time being spent overall.


Harrison Carloss refreshed the brand, with sleeker, more modern styling which conveyed the premium feel of the service without alienating. We maintained the dark blue used previously to retain its connection to the business’ roots, but a new, more distinguished logo brought the brand into the 21st century and in-line with the clientele it was reaching. We created an enquiry form to help reduce the amount of administration. While the owner wasn’t comfortable with an automated booking system, the forms allowed AJC to collect all the data they would need to confirm the booking at their end. These forms were split between services which allowed us to include more specific questions, around flight details for example, without bogging the user down in fields. This helped to streamline the process from a potential customer filling out the form to their journey being confirmed by AJC.


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Probably the best investment decision I have made since starting out in business. Really enjoy working with the Harrison Carloss team who are so helpful and present solutions to the everyday issues in Business Marketing and many other areas. Very excited about our future working relationship.

Kevin O'Mara

Managing Director

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