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Arco COVID-19 Response

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Arco is the UK market leader supplying safety and workwear products to a variety of sectors, through direct sales, online and a national chain of stores.

Arco position themselves as experts in safety and have a wealth of material available which demonstrates their extensive knowledge of the field.

On the outbreak of COVID-19, Arco looked to maintain their position as leaders in safety and wanted to produce clear and concise expert sheets as a reaction to the pandemic.


From PPE and face covering regulations to working safely during the outbreak, Arco wanted to created a number of expert sheets to help promote safety health and best practices.

As it was largely unchartered territory for most people, the sheets needed to be clear and actively avoid creating any confusion – any error in messaging could lead to serious consequences.

The sheets needed to be uniform in design to allow them to be collated and easily identified. In addition, they would need a resemblance to additional assets, such as social media graphics and email headers that would be used to promote the sheets in existing channels.


With expert advice supplied by Arco, we designed a series of expert sheets covering all elements of safety during COVID-19.

We got the messages across using minimal amounts of heavy copy and, instead, relying on clear illustrations which simplified even the most specialist knowledge.

The sheets were a huge success and provided an important asset to businesses during the pandemic – they were even distributed internally throughout the NHS.

The responsiveness and relevance of the material was hugely important in allowing Arco to remain at the forefront of safety and provide customers with timely information which would benefit their business and help support them through a hugely difficult time.

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