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AEON Engineering

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AEON Engineering are a multi-disciplinary engineering and project management consultancy. They provide systems engineering, project management and product development consultation services across R&D, scientific, defence and civil sectors. Specialists in the product engineering lifecycle, AEON provide bespoke, resilient and cost-effective solutions.


AEON were looking to establish themselves as leaders in the industry. Their current website and branding lacked impact and depth, struggling to convey the diversity and complexity of their capabilities. While aerospace engineering made up a good portion of their business, they didn’t want to pigeonhole themselves, and looked to advertise the other industries and services they offered as they looked to expand.

Their existing website was single paged and therefore struggled to rank within Google. It was simple but ineffective, with little to no content which truly communicated the brand and its mission.

AEON struggled with recruiting the right people and needed a website that communicated their brand and culture more efficiently; they wanted to establish themselves as an aspirational employer.


We regenerated AEON’s branding into something cooler, dynamic and more effective. We created Brand Guidelines which covered all aspects of the business, including social presence, official documents and tone of voice. The new branding communicated the diverse nature of their services, representing each aspect without preference. Overall, the new branding helped to make AEON recognisable, with emphasis on them being a forward thinking and agile business.

We built a secure and responsive website on a bespoke in-house framework using the latest technology to allow AEON to re-launch its online presence.

AEON’s new website is dynamic and creative – adding much needed colour and design to what can be a technical subject. More engaging to users on a number of levels, the new website retains the impression of expertise but on a much more approachable platform – appealing to a broader range of potential clients than previously.

We spent additional time on areas where AEON had highlighted issues. For example, for the Careers section we paid particular attention to ensure pages were engaging. We wanted the page to not only educate them about the business and any benefits of working, but also the history of AEON in order to give a holistic view of the business and what it would be like to work there.


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