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We get under the skin of your organisation to develop a creative strategy that embodies your mission and values.

Whether you’re launching a brand or introducing yourself to new customers, we’ll help you with outstanding design and intuitive storytelling that create deep connections with your audience. Our work is built on original ideas that establish a distinctive identity for your brand.

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    Our Creative Services:

  • Branding

  • Graphic Design

  • Illustration

  • Stationery + Literature

  • Copywriting

  • When it comes to branding, we’re creatively driven and strategically led.

    Think of your branding as your company’s DNA. It should shine through in everything you do, be it your products, your advertising style, the design of your logo, your livery, your tone of voice, the works.

    Your branding’s purpose is to make you instantly recognised with an identity that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

    People don’t have relationships with products; their loyalty is to brands. And the best branding is based on strong ideas. These are what create a visual and emotive relationship binding followers with your brand.

    We can build you a distinctive brand identity with memorable design, logo exploration and development, brand guidelines and other brand collateral.

    • Brand Identity Design

    • Logo Exploration + Development

    • Brand Guidelines

    • Brand Collateral

  • A picture speaks a thousand words…

    Outstanding graphic design can communicate the soul of your business like nothing else, and do it in ways that speak to us instantly, below the level of thought.

    Graphics are the purest form of visual persuasion, which is why the very best graphic design has the power to move us whether it’s in digital form, a poster or infographics, all of which are our specialities.

    Our talented team of designers are skilled at speaking to your customers on this unique level by creating and combining highly original visual elements in truly innovative ways that are as distinctive online as they are on the printed page.

    • Digital Assets

    • Infographics

    • Posters

  • Tell your story with unique illustrations.

    Sometimes, just stepping away from the stock photos and deciding to make your brand stand out from the crowd with original illustrations will work wonders to tell your very own unique story.

    We find that the creation of bespoke illustrations that are tailored to a specific business can be an unexpected – and for that very reason eye-catching – way to help set your message in a more personal and engaging, exclusive, premium, or just plain quirky context.

    This form of visual communication, in stills or as animation, when matched with the right story, can be different enough to make all the difference.

    • Storytelling

    • Animation

    • Visual Communications

  • You built a business, so make sure people remember it.

    Every piece of business collateral in your marketing armoury serves the same important purpose – to make your brand stick in a person’s memory. To keep you top of mind.

    It makes no difference whether it’s your business card or company swag, the primary job of business collateral is to present you as you’d want a potential customer to see you, and to create a lasting good impression.

    At Harrison Carloss, we have a talented group of designers who will make sure that your company remains relevant and memorable, all the way from a business card, letterhead or brochure, to the broadest multimedia campaign.

    • Business Cards

    • Letterheads

    • Brochures + Flyers

    • Brand Collateral

  • The right choice of words.

    Carefully crafted copy can spark new ideas, change minds, create new moods, or influence public opinion. Sometimes it only takes a penetrating slogan to work its way into your memory. Other times it might be a website needing an overhaul, complete with a whole new tone of voice geared to a highly specific market.

    Words are what make media social. They’re all that can present clear and persuasive arguments, captivate with a thoughtful phrase, or bring the most original concepts alive.

    Our team of copywriters can help you find the words you’re looking for to start a deep, meaningful conversation with your customers. Prepare to be moved.

    • Blog

    • Social

    • On-page Content

    • Tone of Voice

    • Ad Copy

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