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Tayler Nuttall

I couldn’t really imagine myself doing anything else but design, unless professional pizza taster is a thing?

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  • Everybody says they’re passionate about stuff, even if they’re only mildly warm. With me it’s design (& pizza). I reckon the secret to great design is being a complete design geek.

    Oh yeah. All the best designers are geeks. (The really great ones don’t even argue they’re not.) So design rule 1: Always, keep your coloured pens in order. 2: Stationery, always buy new stationery (especially if it’s got cats on). 3: Talk about new design tips you’ve learnt all the time, your friends and family will love it.

  • Anyway after completing my degree in Textile Surfaces at Staffs uni, I started my career in making logos bigger in 2018 (that’s an adman’s in-joke) and knew right off that my effluent experience was going to pay off bigtime. Luckily, I decided to work for the ‘dark side’ and fell in love with the fast-paced agency life.

    Pet hates: Spiders, mess, when things aren’t aligned, oh and logo makers

    Loves: Pizza, Cats, Cookies, Glitter and Gardening

    (Unfortunately, I haven’t learnt to grow Pizza or Cookies yet…)

  • Be kind to yourself.

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