Account Director

Rebecca Cox

Born to talk

  • Background
  • What I do
  • Following a degree at Birmingham University (where I fully embraced student life), I embarked on my first ‘real-life’ job in marketing and I loved it. I cut my teeth in a financial services organisation learning the art of writing the ‘perfect brief’ and reviewing scamps, before moving into the crazy fast-paced world of retail working with some of the world’s best brands. After a few in-house marketing roles, I decided to give the ‘dark side’ a whirl to see what being agency-side was all about and I never left!

  • I head up the client services team and also help to lead on strategy for our clients. I’m the bridge between the internal creative team and the client. Days are super busy, there’s always a new project, a new client, a new brief – but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Getting under the skin of a brief, digging into a problem, working with our super team and really pushing to get results for clients is where I get a buzz.

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