Production Director

Mark Bennett

The Mark Bennett Story, now a major motion picture starring…

  • Story
  • A typical day
  • Final words
  • Scene One: After blagging my way onto on a YTS (showing my age there but I was only twelve) for computer programming, and following many incredible adventures, I somehow ended up in a marketing agency as a Marketing Assistant, from where I rose through the ranks, after finding my niche in production, I woke up one foggy morning as Production and Studio Manager. (Yes, I was two people in those days.) As the dotcom boom took off I found myself working for a big internet and website provider as Project Manager on larger web site projects. Keen to get back into a real agency I started at Harrison Carloss in 2000 as Production Manager, and I’ve been here ever since. Now Production Director I don’t think there’s anything in marketing production I haven’t handled at some point of my career. (I always wash my hands afterwards.)

  • There isn’t one. They’re all different at Harrison Carloss and always go quickly. There’s always a campaign to plan, a client to support and deadlines to meet. Keeping things going is just what I do.

  • (I hope they’re not literally that.) Never say no to a brew…a constant stream of Coffee…keeps everything ticking along.

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