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Gareth Mobley

Captain Marvel nothing. I get the big stuff done without a stupid shiny outfit.

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  • After spending 15 years running and growing a building products business from start-up to the point where annual sales were in excess of £45m (winging it all the way). We eventually exited the business to a U.S PLC in January 2018 in a $100m deal. Having also taken Private Equity investment during the final three years of that journey, I learnt what key investments drive stakeholder value in a business. For us our end-to-end digitalisation and a tech enabled route to market added tonnes, but it was painstakingly difficult to execute and getting it done was confusing, expensive and time consuming.

  • A 6:15 work-out of some description, followed by a coffee or can of Nocco’s, sometimes both! Then catch up on the business news and push the business strategy forwards. We have a fantastic team that are all hugely ambitious (and hungry), so it’s my job to feed that ambition (and their bellies) on a daily basis, in a non David Brent kind of way. I maintain our relationships with our key external partners and I am always on the lookout for growth opportunities whether that be organic or through acquisition.

  • Game changers are incredibly rare. For me, it’s about continuous innovation, always looking in the mirror and thinking “how can we be better”? Oh and to quote one of my favourite books – Legacy, “No dickheads”!