Creative Designer

Chris Mobley

Likes: Cricket (I play a first class game), golf, the gym, saxophone music, and stuffing my face – but in a healthy way.

Dislikes: Disorder, and poor design. (I’m a Virgo.)

  • The beginning
  • and later
  • Final words
  • I was born with a passion for design. Even at a very early age I was wicked at colouring books. Think that’s funny? Well they got me a 1st class honours design degree at Staffordshire Uni. Oh yeah! And this will sound like I’m bragging, but I then won young super yacht designer 2018 award. I was filtered down from thousands of entries to the final 10 at a live design and boat show. I won by following the brief well and doing some research, then pushing the boundaries of creativity while staying practical. (Virgo? Definitely.)

  • Later I did design work on multi-million pound yachts in Falmouth. Then back in the Midlands I took up a design and project management role. I wanted to challenge my skills by leading a team, doing project and design work in an industry I wasn’t used to.

  • So ok, I love a challenge. That’s why I’m here at Harrison Carloss, pushing the boundaries of web design and in the process annoying the developers.

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