Company Secretary

Carlton Hopley

Don’t mess with me – I know about money

  • The Beginning
  • My return
  • I commenced my professional career as a military accountant before moving into the pottery industry and then into practice with PKF where I became FCCA qualified. During my time as a senior manager in the Business Advisory Department I helped many clients from a wide range of organisations, gaining extensive experience of start-ups, acquisitions and mergers, funding and provision of both financial and non-financial advice to SME’s including strategic development and mentoring.

  • Returning to industry in 2012, I was part of the team that successfully took a manufacturing business through both a partial exit to private equity and then full exit via a trade sale. Although a finance specialist, a prior background in HR in a production environment, together with post-graduate study in marketing and a teaching qualification, gives me an all-round balanced view. Having grown and developed a business to investment-ready status, my key strengths are commercial acumen coupled with common sense.

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