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Worsley Plant

Grabbing a bigger slice

of the coupler market

Grabbing a bigger slice of the coupler market

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Worsley Plant are hydraulic attachment specialists. They sell, hire and service new and used attachments within the demolition, construction, recycling and landscaping industries. The equipment they stock are from a mix of different high-end brands such as Rotar, Lenhoff and MB.

Harrison Carloss is the lead marketing agency for Worsley Plant and have developed their overarching marketing strategy and on-going roll out plan. As part of this piece of work we worked on an activation campaign for a new product launch. The product is manufactured by the brand OilQuick which Worsley Plant hadn’t worked with before. Worsley Plant wanted to run a launch campaign to gain awareness of the new product and drive sales/enquiries.


Return On Investment


In first 3 months


High Value Customers Converted

Campaign backed by research

We conducted research around the benefits of the OilQuick Quick Coupler with the aim to find a USP which we can draw upon in the campaign communications.

The main benefit of the Quick Coupler is that excavator attachments can be changed within seconds from within the driver’s cab. A secondary benefit is that as its so quick to change attachment it means that workers can always have the right tool for the job – we found that they will often use the wrong attachment for the job at hand to avoid wasting time swapping them.

For the campaign concept we focused in on the core benefit of time saving. We needed the campaign visuals to communicate this message clearly to our time poor audience who may only be scanning emails or social media onsite. We made the campaign concept stand out from the every day bread and butter communication from Worsley Plant to ensure we captured the attention of our audience.


Digging deep into data

We started the campaign a week before launch with a teaser graphic to capture the audience’s attention to get them excited for the launch without giving away what the product is.

Once the Quick Coupler was available to purchase we rolled out the first leg of the campaign to Worsley Plants existing audience as a quick win.

Their data was segmented in the CRM so we could communicate the new product launch via an email campaign targeting existing customers who have been interested in Quick Couplers products before. We also targeted known customers who use excavators and are more likely to see a benefit in the Quick Coupler tool. We then rolled out to the wider Worsley Plant database via email, social and web communication to drive awareness of the new product launch.

We also ran a PPC campaign to target new customers searching for branded terms around ‘OilQuick’ and also generic terms around the product type ‘Quick Couplers’. The aim of this was to reach new audiences and convert new customers.

Results that demolish the competition

The campaign generated strong results for the client. In the first three months of the campaign launch we generated Worsley Plant six new customers with more at specification stage in their pipeline.

The value of each piece of equipment is high therefore the typical purchasing decision process is usually time consuming which makes the number of orders generated in a short space of time impressive.

As we utilised their existing database we kept media spend down and the campaign generated a huge ROI of 41x and a ROAS for the client of 1:326.

We have been using Harrison Carloss since last year and are very much enjoying working with them. They have helped us to push our brand forward and provide a valuable resource to our team. We work with them regularly on our website development, PPC, social media plus ad hoc brand and marketing campaigns all of which we have been very impressed with. I would definitely recommend them as an excellent agency to work with and trust your business with.

Juliet Perrett, Worsley Plant