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The Residence Collection

A clearer view

with HubSpot

A clearer view with HubSpot

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Leading manufacturers of premium windows and doors

The Residence Collection are renowned for their superior flush timber alternatives, firmly establishing itself as a distinguished brand within the industry.

With a strong emphasis on quality, their products exemplify excellence and showcase their deep understanding of the market.

We had been working with the team for over a year before they approached us to design and develop a new consumer facing website. Their old website lacked the prestige of their offering and resembled a competitor’s site. The site had a number of outstanding issues and the code itself was difficult to work with whenever changes were required to improve the user experience.

A black hole

Their old site allowed users to download brochures and case studies, contact The Residence Collection and search for their local installer.

They wanted to maintain these capabilities but improve on the overall user experience. Additionally, they wanted to improve the data capture and have a better understanding of marketing ROI.

The Residence Collection have a complex marketing strategy whereby they market to end consumers to drive leads into their own customer network. And so, The Residence Collection’s consumer site acts as a lead generator on behalf of their installer network.

On their old site, they used a huge number of tracked phone numbers for their installers so they could monitor and assess the leads coming through the site from homeowners. It would then be up to the installer to follow up and fulfil the lead. However, the team felt like they had a black hole when it came to following the progress of the lead through to conversion and it was taking a huge amount of man power to contact installers for updates.

Overall, The Residence Collection had very little data to show how many leads were won and therefore a lack of detailed knowledge on marketing ROI.

Enter HubSpot

During the process of designing the site, we saw an opportunity to integrate HubSpot into the new site which would allow for a huge increase in the amount of data The Residence Collection could collect on their users.

Furthermore, it would give a true picture of the user journey – from browsing and consideration to purchase and installation of their windows. HubSpot meant that The Residence Collection could track their leads with little to no input from installers. It meant that they could be there at every step of the journey and fully understand marketing ROI.

Harrison Carloss wrote directly into the HubSpot API to unlock its full potential, enabling the website and HubSpot to communicate pushing leads through the sales pipeline at various trigger points throughout the sales journey.

This allowed The Residence Collection to not only automate communications with end consumers, installers and fabricators which saved time but also enabled closer monitoring of leads, marketing spend, ROI as well as saving the client from having to employ an additional member of staff to manage the lead process.

Clearer picture

We set up pipelines within HubSpot that clearly showed what stage the deal was at.

With every action (or inaction) automated emails were sent to relevant parties to ensure the deal kept moving and Residence Collection was left with a clearer picture of leads.

Additionally, integrating HubSpot allowed The Residence Collection to consolidate a number of other tools including live chat, social media, surveys and marketing emails.

Their new website launched in September 2022. Immediate feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the new site was a true representation of their premium products, allowing the site to become a true showcase of their collections for the end consumer.

The Residence Collection have seen the number of conversions increase as well as time savings from internal resource.

The project was also a finalist for Best Business Initiative of the Year at the G Awards.

Excellent work, great customer service and always coming up with great new solutions – at the top of their field.

Jo Trotman, Marketing Manager