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Parogon Group Menus

How we dished up a solution

to please everyone

How we dished up a solution to please everyone

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Cooking up a storm

Parogon Group is a restaurant chain offering a premium dining experience to guests across Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire.

With 10+ venues now on their books and plans for further growth, the Group needed a better, more efficient and scalable solution to managing the menu content across the individual restaurant websites.

The websites are also used by customers in venues who have allergies, they are provided a QR code to check dish allergens and as such it is crucial that the websites are accurate. Future legislation also requires calories to be displayed against dishes. At present, each venue has its’ own menu and this is being managed and maintained by a member of staff which is taking a significant amount of time, never mind being susceptible to human error. Parogon approached us with the problem and asked us if there was anything that we could do to help.

Serving up a solution

As their digital partner, we had already designed, built and manage their portfolio of websites.

Following some investigative work with Tevalis, Parogon’s external EPOS system provider, we proposed designing and building a completely bespoke system integrating Tevalis and the Parogon Group’s portfolio of websites via the Tevalis API.

The menu could be inputted and linked once into the system which would subsequently update the relevant websites as Tevalis updated each day. The API integration is not something that any of Tevalis’ customers had attempted before so we were breaking new ground for them too.

Following the scoping of the system we then set about wireframing it, followed by design – it was important that the system was on brand but was functional – substance over style on this one! The system was designed and built to work responsively so that the system could be used on a tablet or phone if needed.

Bespoke System & API Integration

The system was built using Laravel and the core functions included the ability to have multiple user logins, add venues, add menu types i.e. ‘Gastro’, add menu items alongside ingredients, prices, calories and most importantly, allergens.

With a live link to Tevalis all information would update automatically in the system and on the websites as the dishes evolved in the venue, ensuring it was accurate at all times. We also included the ability to toggle functions on and off for ease and link multiple websites to the same menu. Finally we also designed a completely custom dashboard for Parogon Group which included key stats around total number of menu types, dishes and total number of dish types i.e. vegan etc so that they could see a snapshot of their current dining offering for their guests.

number of dishes under management

And for dessert…

Following a thorough testing process, we released a beta version for the client to test from their side before full roll out.

As a result of the new system, it’s prevented the Group from having to employ a member of staff to take on menu management. Tevalis have also been impressed by the use of their own API and have recommended Harrison Carloss to other clients. The system is saving copious amounts of time and they are now confident in scaling. The system has also been entered into industry specific awards for its innovate use of technology.

As a customer service provider we look to work with partners who treat us as we look after our guests. Harrison Carloss always seem to go above and beyond our expectations! We are delighted with the link that Harrison Carloss have been able to build with Tevalis. The way that they have made use of the API’s available to us has brought to an end one of our big projects in 2022 – Maximising the Tevalis Stock system, the Nutritional Website link is a key achievement for us.

Ben Allison, Parogon Group