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Arco Fall Safety

Designing a safer solution

for Arco fall protection

Designing a safer solution for Arco fall protection

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Crafted proposition

Arco is the UK market leader supplying safety and workwear products to a variety of sectors, through direct sales, online and a national chain of stores.

They position themselves as experts in safety and have a wealth of material available which demonstrates their extensive knowledge of the field.

Arco came to us with a brief to develop a useful infographic for businesses that illustrates their fall protection offer and the solutions they can provide. They wanted the content of the infographic to be based around a technical drawing of an imaginary building that they crafted internally to display their proposition.

Going over and above

As well as looking into a static infographic as requested, we also suggested that we could develop the ‘fall safety building’ into an interactive tool that sales and internal teams can use on a day to day basis.

This could have either been hosted on the Arco website or as an offline interactive PDF that could be used when sales reps can’t access the internet.

We also suggested that we make this part of a wider campaign producing supporting assets to use across email and social media to direct users to the tool. This would also help to inform their audience about issues surrounding fall safety and promote the Fall Safety Professional Services and products that Arco offer.

End outputs

The end output was an interactive PDF with supporting email and social assets to build a wider campaign promoting fall safety.

We recreated the Fall Safety building as a CAD render to bring the building to life. More importantly we opted for CAD so that we could accurately represent the Fall Safety products that Arco offer. It is was fundamental that the render was a real-life representation.

Once the render was complete we created an interactive PDF document. We made it so users can click on hotspots on the PDF document itself to navigate off to different sections to find out more about the product/service of interest. This PDF is now used by the sales team at Arco on a day-to-day basis but it also is on the main Arco website as an always on resource.

We also created a series of social media and email assets to help promote the new resource but also to educate users about the different issues/areas of Fall Safety.


increase in fall protection sales