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What are personas?
Also known as buyer personas, these are user profile whose goals and characteristics represents the wants and needs of your target audience. Some companies will have a handful of personas whereas others with complex purchasing funnels may have many.

Why create personas?
A thorough understanding of who your target audiences are is critical to being a market oriented business. By understanding the wants and needs of your personas you avoid making assumptions and will be able to make more strategic marketing decisions.

Know who you’re talking to.
By revealing unique demographic information such as age, profession, income, locations, interests and aspirations, where your potential customers shop, and what competing products they use, personas enable you to develop more incisive marketing messages that appeal precisely to your audience

The more variables you’re able to define, the more detailed your persona becomes, and the better you know the audience that could engage with your brand.

All of this helps your businesses build customer-centric products and services whilst keeping the ideal user at the forefront of every marketing decision. It also helps in segmenting the user types of a product or service.

Personas are built from insights.
Core to the process of creating personas is to undertake research to build your insights into your target audience’s behaviours, motivations, likes and dislikes, etc.

It’s all about focus.
Effective customer centric marketing means focusing on who your customers are and what they want, and that’s why personas can play a key role in helping you define and refine not just your marketing, but every aspect of how you engage with your customers and prospects across the business.

It’s also worth remembering that buyer personas is equally important whether marketing to b2b or b2c customers. Both share exactly the same human motivations and respond equally well to marketing designed specifically for them.

If you’d welcome the opportunity to get closer and more personal with your customers to grow your business, talk to the team at Harrison Carloss at hello@harrisoncarloss.com or call us on 0330 133 1639.