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Last Thursday saw the Harrison Carloss team take the journey over to Nottingham to attend the YMCA National Conference 2023. Why? You may ask. Only to help launch their brand-new internal communications platform, Y-Hub!

Held at the East Midlands Conference Centre on July 13th and 14th, the event attracted hundreds of stakeholders from the YMCA network – from staff and volunteers to trustees and youth ambassadors.

Amongst the proceedings of the day, our very own Managing Director, Adam Mobley, took to the stage to present the new system which was created to supercharge communication within YMCA and enable all staff and volunteers to keep up to date with the latest news, chat with other team members and sign up for events. But that’s just the start.

Not your average internal communications platform

We started the project 9 months ago (cue the pregnancy puns) in November 2022 when we initially scoped out the project with the internal YMCA team. From then, it’s taken blood, sweat and 33,000 lines of bespoke code to create the final product. And, much like a new mother, we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve managed to produce. Welcome to the world, Y-Hub!

Functionality for days

Y-Hub is a progressive web app built on Laravel and Vue. Sounds impressive, right? It’s a cutting-edge way of developing an app that means you have one code base and can install the app on any device – from mobile to desktop – no app store is required and you can still use the native features that we all know such as push notifications. They are faster and smaller than native apps and have the added benefit of being cost effective to maintain.

It’s also been built with multiple integrations to ensure users receive the best possible experience. Want to send a GIF to your pal Gail? No problem, it’s been built with GIPHY in the chat so you can express yourself when words just don’t do it justice.

Security at its core

One of our main focuses for the project was making the system secure. Data security best practice has been used throughout the system and was considered in every aspect of its development.

From running on a dedicated server to using industry leading security software, Cloudflare – we’ve taken additional steps to ensure that all data on Y-Hub is protected.

Plus, the whole system is backed up every night just in case so the team can sleep easy. No drama!

Excitement builds at the launch

Adam spoke enthusiastically at the launch of Y-Hub at the YMCA National Conference 2023 in Nottingham: “It’s been a pleasure to work on this project and we hope it enables YMCAs throughout England & Wales to communicate and collaborate effectively to continue the great work they do supporting even more people in the community.”

Whatever your internal headache, we can build a bespoke system to help to streamline communication and alleviate stress. Discover more of our previous web development projects or speak to one of the team today to find the right solution for your business with Harrison Carloss.